AirView Flight Information Display Systems for International Airports

SAS' experience with airports began in the early 90's with orders from the British Airports Authority (BAA) for Flight Information Display systems for their UK airports, Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh; with Luton also ordering a system the following year.

PODS at BAA Stansted Airport

It was the advanced capabilities of our ePC of that time, the IVC501 Multigraphics controller, that convinced BAA to choose Sentel as its supplier.

The IVC501 was an embedded PC based on the Intel 82786 GPU, designed in-house, with advanced animation features required for BAAs FIDS to display smooth scrolling status overlays on each line of flight detail.

Another important client for Sentel continues to be Turin International Airport, a major European hub; a relationship which started back in 1993 with the then IT manager, Salvatore Inglima

With a lasting history of succesful cooperation, our clients know that we deliver systems to meet their long-term needs, and its for those reasons that Sentel was again awarded the contract for the latest FID system at Turin, which was delivered and commissioned on schedule for the airport's Winter Olympic rush with over 20,000 passengers a day!

With a total of 232 ePC systems running the latest version of Midas ViewPoint Secure FIDS, Turin has one of the largest and most advanced flight information systems, with all the features you'd expect, and many that may be a surprise!

Above: Turin IT manager, Italo Guglielmetti, looking at the new flat TFT screens for passenger information.

Reference letter from Italian Airport Authority March 2008:

Italian Airport Authority Reference letter

Below: A history of good teamwork starting in 1993.

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Turin IT Manager's Statement

Year 2000 System Operational on time!

Some days before the Y2K celebrations, the new system became operational.

The first airport-wide system which was as easy to install as interior lighting - plug 'n go!

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                                            More images from Turin International Airport


Reference letter from Italian Airport Authority February 1999:

Reference letter from Turin International Airport