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An advanced audio-visual computer, the ePC™ is suitable for a range of mission-critical applications, ensuring your images, video and information are on-screen 24x7x365. Housed within a compact and highly resilient enclosure, ePCs incorporates the latest proven multimedia technology with the facilities needed for your most demanding audio-visual applications.  Whether you choose the latest ePC Atom system, providing full-features with just 18 watts of power consumption, or the top-end ePC-800 industrial system, all ePCs from Sentel are guaranteed to perform year in, year out.

Providing hardware accelerated broadcast-quality video to over 30 Mbs and 3D graphics, with rich colour and full-screen or picture-in-picture video, the ePC has the flexibility to offer a dynamic range of presentation options. Supplementing these advanced display features are stereo sound channels, providing the option to enhance presentations with music and sound, including an optional automated public address facility. For those applications requiring professional animation effects, the DirectView™ library supports complex animation schemes.

ePC A10 system with 3 screens

"The system incorporates advanced multimedia technology with the latest facilities needed for today's most demanding applications"

Designed using the latest proven technology from Intel, installation and operation of the ePC is simplicity itself! For information presentation applications, an intuitive graphical user interface provides the facility to create professional looking information displays for almost any application within minutes. The ePC also provides full network connectivity, supporting seamless integration with almost any information system, including legacy systems.

Designed for the most demanding professional applications, the ePC encapsulates the latest technology to provide not only a range of new and innovative features, but for the first time allows end-users and specialist system integrators alike to develop advanced display systems without the need for software development. 

The ePC - advanced information display technology - a one-stop solution designed to meet the demands of industry today, and beyond.

ePC Enhanced Multimedia Computer  ePC800

The ePC range of av computers utilize the latest PC hardware and 32-bit Windows® XP, Vista, 7 or CE operating systems to provide professional computer technology at competitive prices. For general purpose information display applications, the ePC provides high quality video using high-resolution monitors, or, where required, X and WVGA or TV monitors.

For live video overlay and video processing, the ePC range offers extremely stable video data and graphics captioning with advanced video processing facilities, even when gen-locked to noisy video tape sources.

For applications requiring internal CD or DVD ROM drives, the ePC is an attractive alternative to standard systems, and is just half the size of a standard PC.

The use of low power universal input switch mode power supply units and watchdog reboot capability result in a long and reliable operation life making it ideal for mission-critical and other embedded applications. All ePC units are supplied in a slim-line plastic coated aluminum case which can be either desk / 19" rack mounted or fitted within most larger display monitors.

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