ViewPoint 3D Trailers - Confidential, not for public reproduction or distribution

Copyright 2011 ViewPoint 3D Ltd.  Produced on the 15 Sept 2011 and recorded with a PAL wide-screen video camera and converted into an Windows stream and MP4 AVI to reduce the file size.

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ViewPoint 3D (TM) is shown running a demo presentation produced by the software engineering team, showing a range of features, from animations, flying camera paths, lights, reflections, transparency, data-linked objects for tables, etc.

The content is produced in real-time, as such, there is no need for the "pre-production - compilation - replay - modification..." cycle as all content can be created, edited and continued at any point, hence, real-time 3D.  This provides the benefit of very fast content creation and updating, and for the first time allows 3D content to automatically update itself from live information and image/video feeds without human intervention, ideal for digital signage applications.

3D display is supported on 3D screens, and can also be produced using 3D glasses, anaglyph reg/green and LCD shutter glasses are also fully supported.

Our primary objective is to produce TV Studio quality presentations on standard low cost PCs and laptops.

Benefits: Instant 3D content creation.  Fast learning curve, with the aim to be easier to use than Microsoft PowerPoint(TM) yet producing TV Studio quality presentations. PowerPoint importation with 3D fully editable export.  The software includes all features necessary for Digital Signage, from a flexible schedule editor, to full remote control and automated operation.  The software sends messages to a Server to report operational status, download new content, etc.  The server can send email and SMS messages to users regarding all details of system operation.  Any number of screens can be controlled remotely using ViewPoint 3D.

Future features: Voice controlled 3D scene creation for fast animation sequence creation.

Note: Due to the fast frame-rate and high-definition (1920x1080), the trailers have been produced using video recording and compressed to low-resolution for faster Internet playback.

To view the more complete ViewPoint 3D trailer video in mpeg 1 format, click here      To view mixed 2D and 3D click here

  Windows media stream.  Shows real-time 3D content playback and editing.  Animations, flying camera, lights, reflections and data-linked tables.  To view full-screen, right-click video and select Zoom.

If you have problems viewing the video without interruption, right-click here to down-load (Save target as...) the video, or left-click to replay in your systems player.

The aim of ViewPoint 3D is to provide a complete environment for rapidly creating high-quality 2 and 3D visualizations for a wide-range of applications, from Presentations, Digital Signage, business and scientific visualizations.

The following start with several 2D content examples:

MP4 format, compressed.        Fast playback, poor quality recording but small file:- Same clip, but in compressed streaming format.


Smaller clip, same MP4 AVI format.  If your system cannot play this, install and MP4 codec available from many on-line sites free of charge.


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