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Introduction - non-profit charitable projects

We produce solar systems for remote sites requiring up to 100 KW of power per day.

New High efficiency 12 KW / day solar system - EasySolar 12

Using the latest MPPT (Maximum Power-Point Tracking) technology, and the most proven solar batteries and inverter technology, the EasySolar 12 system provides reliable and robust energy for remote sites at very low cost.

Two types of solar array supports are manufactured in-house to reduce cost to an absolute miniumum.

These are a fixed array with tiltable inclination to adjust for maximum capture during each season, and a fully sun-tracking design, which can be manually or electronically controlled in both planes. 

With full data-logging and remote management, the EasySolar 12 systems allows you to track power capture and consumption over time, and obtain service reports by email.


Solar 6KW array

6KW / Day fixed array with adjustable inclination.  The base design is highly wind-resistant, requiring only a minimum of concrete for the foot supports.


EasySolar 12 - low-cost solar with complete remote management

The EasySolar 12 was developed with clear objectives, to provide low-cost solar power that would be reliable, efficient and remotely manageble, and above all, at the very lowest cost.

The system is aimed at providing electricty in developing regions, and is currently being used in Kenya, Africa, to provide electricity to community projects.

More information on request.

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