Media Support Services

ViewPoint 3D digital media systems can be used to deliver and playback high quality video and music mixed with live-data to one or thousands of locations across any geographic region.  Systems can be used to deliver information and media content for any type of application, from retail and leisure to airport, industrial and CCTV.

ViewPoint is also used for the rapid deployment of information displays systems where information needs to be displayed in complex ways, such as at airports, with smooth moving text, update effects and data-driven airline and status logos. 

Systems can be configured for almost any application within the shortest time; it frequently requires only a few hours to layout the display objects and create the play script required for even the most complex screens.

Retail and leisure information and media playback systems can be installed and connected to new or existing audio and video distribution systems within less than an hour in most cases.  The systems are controlled via a dedicated or shared telephone line, allowing new playback scripts, and media content, such as music tracks, to be quickly downloaded.  The system supports volume media delivery via CD or DVD ROM or satellite TCP/IP multicasts from Eutelsat or any other provider, allowing clients with any number of sites the benefit of fast and secure media delivery across Europe and the Middle East.

Sentel Advance can provide system configuration, scripting, media conversion and management services, including training, to get the system started or on a longer term basis.

Technical Authoring, Graphics and Multimedia Design - View

Today’s multimedia technology can provide a highly effective communication medium enabling the opportunity of creating a lasting impression in viewers’ minds.  Whether it's the information presented at a Web Site, an Interactive CD-ROM, 3D model, or Public Information and Media Displays, Sentel Advance designers can develop the framework and content for effective, consistent presentation.

The Sentel Advance design team uses the latest media authoring systems to produce of dynamic and rich multimedia presentations. They can blend critical information with promotional and advertising presentations to ensure that the viewers'’ attention is maintained and your message brought clearly across.

Whatever your requirements, Sentel Advance media designers can create the layout, content and artwork for your multimedia presentations, public video and information screens, Web Site, signage, leaflets and brochures.

Architectural, Product Design and Computer Visualisation

Product Visualisation

Through developing new product solutions, Sentel Advance has built a design team combining technical expertise, aesthetic awareness, and high-end Computer modeling skills. Sentel-AVC offer these services as an essential design resource in the development of a wide range of information and media system applications.

Designing Public Information Display Systems

Public information and media display systems require careful planning to ensure that the system is effective, and matches architectural styling. In this process, Sentel engineers evaluate the practical and aesthetic aspects of each project. To support this approach, Sentel Advance can provide a dedicated design team to provide a balanced, progressive and innovative design ideas to meet a client's precise needs.

Information and Media systems should ideally blend well with their environments. Applications for Airports, Rail Stations, Retail Outlets, Leisure sites, Hotels, and so on, can be designed to provide an attractive ambience, to create a positive and interesting experience for the public.

By developing 3D virtual model of the public-side of the system, the Sentel Advance design team can provide a total solution, from initial on site analysis and client liaison, to detailed 3D Computer Modeling showing the design proposal in a virtual reality environment to enable full customer visualization. This ensures that the system delivered meets the expectations of the client.

Custom Information and Media System Design & Development

Using the latest software engineering  tools Sentel Advance systems engineers design and modify systems for virtually any application using a range of languages and databases.  Sentel can design attractive and easy to use graphical front-ends using a range of CASE tools, including Midas ViewPoint, which generate reliable and easily managed code.