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Airport International magazine article - Information Display Systems - A New ViewPoint

Designer Software

Sentel's digital signage systems and ViewPoint 3D software are becoming the system of choice for many specialist information and AV presentation projects.  Many well known system designers and av-experts are recommending the system for a wide range of applications.  The system's extensive range of facilities, ease of use, performance, reliability and low-cost are said to make it the preferred choice for any av-media and information presentation application.

Systems Deployed

Nearly 5,500 system using ViewPoint have been supplied for public information and point-of-information systems worldwide since its first release.

January 15, 2017: ViewPoint 3D is now available for direct connection to PLC devices for industrial process visualization in 3D. Details on request.

February 10, 2014: ViewPoint-2D+ is now available free of charge.  Ideal for advanced information displays and digital sigange, MIDAS ViewPoint-2D+ has been installed in the majority of UK airports, points of sale, and many other locations worldwide.