Reports, videos, leaflets and downloads

1. Product brochures:


ViewPoint 3D brochure - NEW a complete overview of ViewPoint-3D software capabilities

embedded ePC leaflet - NEW a complete overview of next generation embedded computers and 3D hardware capabilities

2. Overview: Advanced 3D FIDS - PDF

3. ViewPoint Presenter leaflet

4. Report: "A New ViewPoint" - about how ViewPoint provided Turin International Airports high-tech 232 screen passenger Flight Information System.

5. ViewPoint-3D videos - showing features and special effects in real-time:-

ViewPoint samples on YouTube

6. Presentation video OwnTV Business Television

View a presentation explaining the concepts and technology behind OwnTVs business television service:

OwnTV Video WMV 9mb (Sp)

OwnTV Video MPEG2 (Sp)

7. Independent Review of Competing POI/Info-channel/TV Channel Systems

Download an independent consultants review of competing systems in Adobe PDF format:

System Comparison Overview

System Technical Feature Overview

Airport International magazine article - Information Display Systems - A New ViewPoint

Latest eMedia System Manual

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