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MVP is an active-object-based authoring tool that allows rapid development of sophisticated information and media delivery systems.

Conceptually, active objects are the extreme opposite of script-based systems, such as xml and html.  For example, there is no longer a script to write or debug, and at run-time, the application simply loads the freeform objects and activates them.  These objects are "alive" and are aware of their own individual roles.  You can even edit properties and create new objects while running the final application.

MVP has evolved as a computer-based model with some similarity to the structure of life itself.  An MVP application, or "entity", is comprised of any number of objects, or "cells", all of which where initially identical and then differentiated as the "entity" developed.  Each object carries the information required for operation of the entire application, giving a highly structured and reconfigurable foundation to support future development.  This seemingly unusual approach has resulted in a system that seems to develop with its own agenda.  Self-structured and robust, MVP's active objects require little processing power or memory space, with a coding foundation in pure C++.

Our aim is to provide developers with the tools and supporting products that will enable them to concentrate on being more productive and creative.


We offer both introductory and extensive training from our offices at Swansea and Ibiza.  The basic introduction lasts four hours, and the intensive courses up to four days.  Costs are modest and will more than pay for themselves in increased productivity.

Technical information and Samples

This site is being expanded to include in-depth technical information, references to other developers and examples of their work.  It will also include a reference library of MVP applications developed by Sentel and leading developers.

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