Ghana's Kotoka Airport Flight Information Systems

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority requested a new information system from Sentel Advance for Kotoka airport with specific facilities.  The system was supplied and installed within a week, and operational within 24 hours.

Ghana's main airport, Kotoka, uses three ePCs to generate Arrivals, Departures and Baggage information channels.  These video channels are distributed throughout the airport using a 40-channel video distribution system.

One desktop ePC801 operates as both the database server and staff workstation to minimise costs.

Kotoka's managers plan to implement advanced data management facilities during the following year.

Kotoka Departures Displays

Two of the many montors on the airport's internal video network

Kotoka Operations Control Rooms

Operational staff at Kotoka International Airport

Staff at Kotoka International Airport, Ghana, during Midas operational training.

Our thanks to Kotoka staff for making our engineer's visit so enjoyable - and for booking him into a rather nice hotel (as you can see below!).

Local airport hotel

Shangrila Hotel, Accra