ViewPoint™  3D is a powerful, flexible and ready-to-go full 3D information and multimedia display presentation, creation, scheduling and delivery software package operating on the latest PC-based operating systems. Developed in-house in C++ and ASM since 1996, the system is fast, efficient and reliable, and can be rapidly extended to included new features as needed. (Leaflet A4)

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If you need to display information on screens in public or private areas, or deliver your own custom television channels, in one or many locations, Midas ViewPoint provides a complete and simple to install solution, including automated scheduling of content playback and FTP file distribution for LAN or Internet-based networks. More than this, ViewPoint controls the entire PC, including the operating system, with status reports via email and SMS, and can generate extremely complicated screens, or screens with mixed 2D and 3D content, including merged presentations from Flash to PowerPoint, with RSS feeds, ticker lines, scrolling regions, and real-time database filtering and links.

Watch a video of ViewPoint in action:- 2mb, 9mb or 90mb

ViewPoint supports real-time audio-visual media and information display, retrieving your data from any source you want, such as local files, ftp web sites and Oracle™, SQL Server and Access databases.  Midas' easy-to-use visual display editor allows screens to be created in minutes, with content linked directly to local files, databases or the latest web content, or receive data via your network or another applications in the most efficient manner.

In addition to an extensive range of information display, pre-processing, av-media playback and scheduling facilities, Midas Viewpoint™ provides comprehensive support for networked audio-visual display systems using an extensive range of multimedia presentation services.

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MVP supports a wide range of display devices, including the latest wide-screen monitors.

Using international standards, ViewPoint can receive and transmit data via most systems, including land-based and satellite.


Advanced 2D & 3D display and media playback

  • Advanced screen layouts in 2D or 3D created easily using object editor dialogs

  • Data-driven objects for complex tables, with automated text-image, language and code translations 

  • Plays Flash, Macromedia Director, PowerPoint, JPEG, BMP, GIF, MPEG, VOB, AVI, DivX, WMV and WMV-HD

  • Plays on-line or stored web pages

  • View camera inputs or TV feeds through on-screen objects, full-screen, or picture-in-picture

  • Perfect Playback quality to Broadcast and DVD standards

  • Seamless mixing of High Definition video, web content, images, flash and real-time information

  • 24 x 7 x 365 operation with automated failure recovery and reporting via SMS or email

  • Unrestricted screen setups with smooth scrolling tickers, updated from database or web data in real time

  • Tickers are fully customisable, allowing mixed images and text to be shown as required

  • RSS information services fully supported, with XML data processing

  • Campaign Priority allows multiple campaigns to be targeted at the same device

  • Player stores local media library to reduce network traffic

  • Ability to "Pull" campaigns so that live campaigns can be interrupted and removed within seconds

Campaign scheduling

  • Unique campaign management including task management, audit trails and security levels

  • Rich, intuitive Office-like UI ensuring easy learning curve

  • Easy campaign schedule editing for quick overview of player activity

  • Powerful scheduling options. Create complex schedules in just a few clicks

  • Instantly duplicate Campaign schedules

  • Flexible and modular schedule structure, facilitating quick and accurate campaign targeting

Network management

  • Remotely view the screen of any client player in real-time across the network

  • Issue commands to a remote display device (client) or group

  • Retrieve playback logs, error reports, and system information whenever required

  • See network status in a single screen with fast on-line status checking

  • Email and SMS message alerts within a minute of a client error condition


  • Infinitely scalable architecture allowing an unlimited number of sites to be managed


  • Client access protection via username/password

  • Encrypted communications protects against snooping and hacking

  • Illegal access attempts automatically reported to system administrators

Network management

A key feature of distributed Midas Viewpoint™ systems is the System Control Centre Interface (click to view) and the Control Module which enables an open-architecture information display system to operate across a large number of networked ePCs. In large-scale commercial or industrial applications, ePCs can be installed within Integrated Colour Monitors (ICM), allowing each ICM to display the same or varied information, switching between display formats at the click of a button or automated by a predetermined schedule. Midas Viewpoint™ also provides the functionality to automatically retrieve data from specialised data systems, such as airline, hotel and banking information services.

Midas Viewpoint™ allows users to determine their own criteria for display functionality.  ePC media systems display Midas display forms, using freeform™ templates, supporting rich graphics and live-video, incorporating static and dynamic information automatically retrieved from Oracle, SQL Server or any other ODBC compatible database. This enables the ePC to display both real-time data and promotional information separately or mixed on the same screen. A display may include, for example, an airline logo to the top of the screen, with the middle screen area showing vertical scrolling text, listing the latest flights or even duty-free prices, and the lower screen region horizontally scrolling real-time messages entered locally from any PC, or linked to a remote data source.

Midas Viewpoint™ is an audio-visual information system, providing local speech and music output at all remote displays. AutoPA™, the automated public address system is incorporated within Midas Viewpoint™ to provide a fully integrated information display and PA system.

See Midas ViewPoint   Specifications