CCTV Cameras

We can offer an extensive range of CCTV cameras and associated products at very competitive prices, a limited selection of which are listed below.

These cameras are suitable for numerous applications ranging from remote monitoring to surveillance. Many other cameras are available, including very low-light, infrared and covert.

We can also supply related ancillary equipment, from VCR recorders to camera multiplexers and telemetry equipment, and Balun allowing 18SWG twisted pair cable to be used in place of long-run coax cables.

Please ask for further details or information regarding specific requirements.

1/2" Colour CCD Cameras - 12-24 VDC
VC430TVL/240 0.1 lux, CS mount, Auto-Iris(AI)
PC430TVL/240 0.1 lux, C/CS, AI/Direct Drive(DD)/Electronic Iris (EI)

1/2" Colour CCD Cameras - Dome PTZ - 12-24 VDC

VCD430TVL/12 0.1 lux, CS, Auto-Iris
HITDC430TVL/12 0.1 lux, C/CS, AI/DD, I.D. no.

1/3" Colour CCD Cameras - 12-24 VDC

VC330TVL 2.0 0.2 lux, CS lens mount


VA12F14 1/2" 12mm Auto-Iris C/CS mount

DIGITAL VCRs with RS485 and IP remote camara control

VCR-04 4-channel 24-hour recording D1/CIR
VCR-08 8-channel 24-hour recording D1/CIR
VCR-16-D1 16-channel 24-hour recording D1/CIR