Travelex choses e-media systems for their bureaus

by Omid Hajilou, Travelex Group Technology Director. Updated August 2004

Travelex is the world's largest operator of airport currency exchange facilities with over 300 branches across Europe, North America and Australasia. We have progressed from the use of our traditional currency rate boards by adopting AVC's innovative e-media systems. This has enabled us to install a centrally managed rate board system, which also incorporate flexible av-media display points using NEC 42" plasma monitors.

The e-media system allows us to control the plasma screens in any way we desire. We can display currency information on one side, along with animated posters, videos and messages on the other side. Using AVC's Midas ViewPoint application on Windows, we can update and even view sites globally, in real-time. In total, it took less than 2 weeks to have the pilot system up and running. With AVC's active involvement, this has been a trouble free Technology experience!

New Travelex T4 display 400.gif (139829 bytes)

Above: Simon Phillips, European Head of Retail, opens the new Terminal 4 Travelex Bureau at Heathrow.

Above: Plasma panel image generated by the latest AVC e-media system running Midas ViewPoint on Windows.  The left side of the screen shows vertically smooth scrolling currencies, the right 3D animated posters interleaved with mpeg2 video.  The display is cycled through several screens to give variety - screen transitions include advanced 3D effects as seen on TV.