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 Advanced Data and 3D Visualization Systems

Sentel Advance offers specialised services, such as 24/7 reliability testing and electronics & software development, focusing on embedded products for remote data 2D & 3D visualization, including complex information processing and stereo vision systems. In addition to the development and manufacture of a range of embedded products, Sentel can supply technical support and custom development for a wide-range of specialized applications, for industry, medicine and science, to retail, hotel and other sectors.


New 4K multi-monitor ePC embedded player now available with Ryzen APU: leaflet

The new embedded ePC991 with integrated Ryzen-Vega APU is ideal for 24/7 applications, such as retail, industrial and public transport.  It offer incredible performance at very low-power with high-reliability and a long-life service life.


Download Digital Signage reseller offer

FREE FIDS & DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOFTWARE : ViewPoint-2D+ is now available completely free of charge (download).  Ideal for advanced information displays and digital signage, MIDAS ViewPoint-2D+ has been installed in the majority of UK airports, points of sale, and many other locations worldwide.  SEE VIDEO OF VIEWPOINT FIDS/SIGNAGE IN ACTION



Sentel Advance is pleased to announce the release of ViewPoint 2D+ free-of-charge to all users, for which full support continues to be available. Please contact us to obtain download instructions.

ViewPoint 3D brochure - NEW Complete overview of ViewPoint/Viva3D software capabilities

ePC systems leaflet - NEW Overview of next generation embedded computers with 3D GPUs


Advanced 3D FIDS for Airports & Digital Signage airport PDF

Viva3D Live-Data 3D Display is now available on Windows 10, and enables the rapid creation and updating of real-time data-controlled 2D and 3D information displays, as used in major airports, and many other areas.  Create the most advanced 2D and 3D displays with perfect results using the power of the modern GPU.  Combined with the latest slimline ePC, a quad-HD 3D-graphics computer, and consuming from 4 - 80 watts of power, a complete display network can be rapidly deployed.  An advanced 3D graphics APU provides stunning animations, full 3D, and Quad-HD video playback on the latest screens, including glasses-free 3D. Visit YouTube to see ViewPoint-3D samples.

Viva3D gives you the ability to create from simple to highly complex presentations, for any application, but especially for data display using the latest high definition LCD screens.  In addition, SAS develops software applications produced in Asm, C++ and Java.

FIDS interface       HD FIDS       HD FIDS detail   Click images to enlarge.

See ViewPoint HD in action:-  YouTube

 Rapid Innovation - the smallest, most powerful, reliable and low-energy ePC

The new ePC systems are perfect for all types of digital signage, monitoring, and visualization applications, powerful and low-energy (18W - 90W typ.) ideal to run a seamless FHD video playlists, or complex FHD screens at airports (FIDS) with animated objects and mixed content using advanced 3D-graphics. The ePC, with Embedded Linux* or Windows, and 64/128 GB solid-state hard-drive, 4GB RAM and FHD video support, makes the ePC the perfect choice for all digital signage applications requiring high quality, 24x7 operation, and comprehensive facilities. With preinstalled ViewPoint-3D digital signage software, the ePC provides a complete and ready-to-go solution designed for 24x7 operation.

ePC range

With over 20 years experience in digital display systems, you can be sure that the ePC with ViewPoint software is ideal for displaying simple or complex information at airports (FIDS), or promotional information on digital signage screens for retailers, banks or hotels.  The latest ePC DSP system uses the AMD A10 processor with 384 graphics cores and triple monitor independent output.


 SBB case drawing


TFT Innovation - The ePC has been designed to fit behind flat TFT screens from 17" and up, as can be seen in the image.  Forced airflow ensures adecuate cooling for 24x7 full-time operation.

SBB connectors

Energy Innovation - The SBB runs cool, consumming just 22 watts standard for Digital Signage multimedia applications. Low power means long-life and low electric bills. The aluminium case with forced-air cooling guarantees 24x7 operation.

Low-power 12V DC or 110/220 VAC operation makes the SBB ideal for a wide range of applications, from fixed to mobile digital signage.


SBB Specifications

SBB A4 Leaflet

Contact us to order or for further information:- info@sentel-advance.com

Sentel Advance manufactures Flight Information display systems and digital signage for a wide-range of markets, from retail advertising systems to passenger information displays, to hotel television systems, to promotional screens in pharmacies, to industrial and scientific information display systems. Whatever your information or TV display requirement, contact Sentel Advance to discover the best options available.

Linux or Windows?  We support both Linux and Windows, allowing users to benefit from the configuration that best suits their needs.


ViewPoint 3D Dynamic Digital Signage

ViewPoint 3D Digital Signage software is one of the most reliable and complete systems available today. If you want to present video or information content to the public or staff, and manage how that information is presented at the touch of a button, even over large global networks, ViewPoint offers one of the most competent solutions available. Advanced 3D digital signage, data-limked objects, and complex flight information displays are all within reach using ViewPoint. In fact we guarantee that ViewPoint will meet your needs, providing free examples or new features on request, witin reason of course!

ViewPoint combines an easy-to-use intuitive user-interface with both 2D and full 3D graphics layout and design facilities, including full database and remote data connectivity. This one application provides all that is needed to implement complete digital signage systems. ViewPoint incorporates a screen layout and animation editor, with smooth 3D effects and sophisticated display object control. For any digital signage application, including 3D digital signage, ViewPoint is ideal.

Digital signage can be simple, or very complex, and ViewPoint is designed to meet the range of features needed for any signage application.  Dynamic graphical layouts can be created through editing the properties of the display objects, changing size, colour and advanced properties, such as database linking, data-driven graphical-object control, translations and transitional effects. Insert text, edit font properties, and add animated display effects such as scrolling, wiping, fading, 2 and 3D transforms with ease. For multimedia applications, ViewPoint supports MPEG 2, 4, DIVX and WMV video, plus MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI audio, with a wide range of display effects, including Active Buttons, Hot Spots, and the most fluid 3D screen transitions. Database connectivity and 16-channel complex data filtering is also fully supported.

Designing complex and profesional-looking presentations and digital signage channels has never been easier, mixing HTML and content like Flash and PowerPoint with audio-visual content. Create and modify layouts instantly. Dynamically scale multiple views simultaneously, edit colours, sizes and even database links with drag-n-drop ease. Managing a network of computers and screens using Midas ViewPoint couldn´t be easier using the integrated Network Control Centre. Real-time control and monitoring is included, along with full FTP support, including log uploading by DS clients. Midas ViewPoint, a fast and extremely reliable application for professional projects.

ViewPoint A4 leaflet

Contact us to order or for further information: info@sentel-advance.com